Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Week of Good. A Week of Bad

What a week. It's been full of both ups and downs. Reveals and peoples true nature bubbling up when you least expect it. But all and all? It's good to just shed some of the BS regardless of the backlash from doing so. Those that truly care and have always been there...are well..still there and for that I am grateful.

On the writing front:

Madness is almost done. And even I am amazed how it evolved and became so much deeper than I would have ever thought it could. It has aspects to it that even I hadn't thought about in regards to Heaven and Hell and a war that just created itself within the still being written pages.

I admit, I'm rather sad to see it be done as it was such a tribute to the fans that have come to love Reno. Yes there are five books total in the series. But this was Reno and Emma's. And that crazy guy has such a big piece of my heart and so much of my soul.  And their love story is truly a twisted fairy tale. So... I'm glad his book will do both them justice and the fans proud.

On the DBP Front:
I'm finding both inspiration and frustration there. But maybe how things happen is for the best. That truly talented spark is looking for a home. I just have to be patient until it finds it way to DBP.

Take care- JTW