Monday, December 10, 2018

You can get $250 Cash and A Taste of Murder

I almost fed my blog every week, but life gets in the way. But I'm happy to say my blog goldfish was not belly up. So, go me. Best blog goldfish owner in the world (since it may be the only imaginary blog goldfish in existence).

We started heavily promoting Murder this month and the guys and gals at the readers' group work so hard. They are an incredible bunch of people. And I rewarded them. We have a great Share for Cash deal going on. You can jump in too to get up to $250 cash - awarded to two people. 

If you haven't joined the group, please do and check out details there: 

Upcoming takeover event – If you’d like to spend time with me this weekend, I’ll be at Cadava Publishing’s Christmas Party 2018 on Facebook—Friday, December 14th, 4:00—4:30 pm, CST, & Saturday, December 15th, 3:30–4:00 pm CST.  Join the event here:

One last thing – I was floored to be an invited author to Barbara Vey’s Reader Appreciation Weekend. So many amazing authors and I am glad just to be there. But today, they informed me that my table for the luncheon SOLD OUT! Tickets just went on sale on Saturday, so that just… okay, fine, I cried a little. And snotted a lot and then I gushed all in the readers’ group how much it meant to me. And then tried to compose myself to gush publicly. It worked out. I think. :D

This was's true. 

They have a few tickets left to sit with me for the breakfast, so if you are in the Wisconsin area in April 2019 – come help me with my people skills. Mornings are NOT my best time. BUT for you, I’ll be on my best behavior. You can check out the event here:

WHAT’S GOING ON WITH MURDER? I know, I know! But I have answers and a reward!

Here’s everyone a taste of Murder - it's one of my favorite scenes between Rachel and Marcus - and it made me smile. Maybe cry a little. Enjoy!

Remember - it's available for preorder. I had to change the release date :( due to Team Ward needing more time to make it the best book it can be and have a fantastic leap into your hands. The new release day is 01/30/19. But no worries, I won't be changing that again. 

Preorder here: 

EXCERPT - From MURDER: Book Four of the Shadow-Keepers Series

**ARC Content/Final Editing Pending**
Marcus often wondered in the past few weeks if there as a word higher in meaning that joy. For that was what he felt with Rachel. Her quick mind, stubborn nature and open-heart had won him in every way. Sure, he feared that Lucifer would “visit” and frown upon one of his elites taking up with a human, but Marcus did due diligence to complete all assignments without question and in his usual efficient, tidy way. The dark lord was known to come to the realm of man—Marcus made sure he did not give Lucifer to stop by the apartment when he did.
This last assignment had him gone for four days and he was eager to spend time with his female. Walking in the door, he dumped his gear bag by the door and called out to her. “Rachel? Your hell spawn has arrived.” Eyeing her purse and jacket hanging by the door, he knew not scheduled to work at the dinner either. But the apartment was quiet. “Rachel?”
He heard a noise in the bathroom and smiled. It had been too much time since he mated her and doing it in the shower had a certain appeal. Pushing the door open, he stopped to find her sitting on the commode, fully dressed with a strange expression on her pretty face. “Rachel?”
Squatting down in front of her, finding no injury, he touched her hand. “Mate? Are you ill?”
Rachel said nothing and just shook her head no.
Then she nodded it yes.
It confused Marcus. “Are you ill, yes? Or are you ill, no? Is this some sort of human female test you have not taught me?”
Rachel cried and his confusion spiked even higher. Wrapping his arms around her, he didn’t move. When her sobbing eased, he leaned back to wipe her tears. “Rachel, what ails you? Are you hurt? Did something happen?”
Rachel took a deep breath in and wiped her tears in frustration. “Demons. When they have babies, do they come out as babies or with horns, claws, and fangs and stuff?”
Marcus tilted his head and considered how best to answer. “We are in a human-type form, as are most of the children of the Omega. Yes, some demon babies are born with small fangs. To show their predator status. My fangs came later-which told them I was half-human. But it’s not…”
His words halted, his eyes widened, and he swallowed—so hard he almost choked on his own spit. “Rachel? Why do you ask such a strange question?”  
“Because I’m going to have a demon baby!” She hit him and blubbered out the words. “I’m pregnant, asshole.”
Marcus took a few moments to absorb her words and their meanings. “Pregnant? My baby?” She hit him again, and he picked her up with a roar, swinging her around. Laughing, he kissed her, and she slapped him hard. He smiled. “Are you thanking me for planting my child inside of you?”
She slapped him again and threw her arms around him. “Yes. I am. You’re welcome for using my opening of choice to put your weird-demon penis in.”
They both laughed now and Marcus lowered her to her feet. Brushing her hair back, he smiled. “You will make an amazing mother. Demon child or not.” His hand went to her belly a moment before he fell to his knees. Placing his cheek on her stomach, he closed his eyes. “And I will a father to our child. I vow, with all the blood of a hell spawn to make you both proud. Happy and safe.” He looked up at her. “This I vow. This makes it so.”
Rachel smiled and brushed her hands over his short-hair. “Is that demon speak for I love you?”
Marcus became serious and stood. “No. There are no such words of love in my world. Only commitment and vows.” Cupping her face once more, he put his forehead on hers. “So, I shall use the words of yours. I love you, Rachel, middle name Jane, Smith.”

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Murder, Holiday, Love and Sleep

I finished Murder! Well, I finished it in regard to the first draft. Now it’s been sent off to my Alpha and Beta readers. Then it goes to the editors. This book has been a beast to write, and it’s huge. Almost 100K but I usually do quite a bit of trimming in the editing rounds. And the betas have already made me want to chop some parts out to increase story parts for other characters. 

It's up for pre-order- you should go click it. It will make you feel better, me feel better... see, worth it. 


If you haven’t read my books—they are a full-cast type of book. Playing like movies in your head—or so they say.

It’s been hard to get it done. 

In fact, it’s been hard to get anything done. Add to that, it’s the holidays. This time of year is never easy for those with depression—and I am no exception. Now, back in the days when I had children to shop, decorate and cook for, I didn’t get the holiday blues so badly. Now, it’s ruthless. I have ZERO idea what I was thinking when I set the publish date for Murder as 01/02/19. That’s right smack at the deepest end of my fal-la-la-la lows. But maybe I did…

It has given me something to focus on and a goal beyond making it through the holidays. Yes, making it through is exactly what it means. Not that I’d make that move but yes, as I have admitted in the past, I think about ending it several times a week. Thus far, it’s been a thought and nothing more. No bombarding me with “I care” comments, but the concern is appreciated. I just am too busy to read them or respond. 😊

The blahs and such (see last week’s post why it’s harder to deal with this year), of course, impacted Ink-N-Flow and I need to revamp some things and unless I want my life to prod me deeper into the “woe is me” zone, I must get my brain back focused and driven. But it’s hard—the family is going through things, I’m going through things, the world is going through things… Good Lord, I just repeated over and over… so let’s make it clear—EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE, EVERYONE is going through things right now. It’s all a mess isn’t it?

I found myself wishing I had a relationship. But let’s make something else transparent. I suck at relationships. Marriage. Friendship. Parenting. Children. Well, in all honesty, my pets think I do okay. Most days—but that may be that I cannot recognize the disappointment on animal faces. But the interaction that I suck at most is a relationship with another person in the venture of love. I’ve been married three times, and each one ended horribly, tragically and in flames. Even my sweet, kind-hearted stepmother Barb agreed—You are just not cut out for marriage.” That’s bad people—she’s the most optimistic person I know. But I do agree.  I am well aware that I am the hardest person to live with. To get to know. One day I’m up and excited and the next not wanting to get out of bed. Facts are not lost on what type of person I am. All the failed relationships attest to that. 

I even put “I am terrible at relationships and even hazardous if you dare” on an online dating profile. Want to guess how many responded to that? One guy that was looking for a green card. He didn’t even speak English… pretty sure he didn’t read my personal disclaimer. Did I entertain messaging back? Let’s not add any more points to my shame bucket today by my answering, okay?

I believe we can all agree that holidays are so much better when you have someone to share them with. Holding your hand, laughing at the cheesy gift exchange. Cuddling on the couch and being forced to watch Hallmark Christmas movies. And I miss sleeping with another body. I slept better when I didn’t have to do it alone; I’m barely doing it now on some days and sleeping too much on others (see holiday funk above). And sex… oh sure, I miss that.

I spend so many days writing love stories. Spinning out passionate sex between two people but here I am, alone. I’m creating love stories, fairy tales and then go to bed to hug my pillow. It’s a pitiful way of spending one’s days. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one of course, but I’m the only one that has to deal with my own, so allow me some self-indulgence here.

Since I vowed to be honest here, I will let you know that some days my characters make me angry. Not angry at them, per se, but at my own life of not having what they have. It’s so stupid and hard to explain. If you were ever to peep into my home like a creeper, you’d see me bitching out loud that they need to count their blessings I wrote them an HEA—when I have yet to find one myself. And, see the part about being terrible at relationships, most likely the written ones are the only ones I’ll have. And those, I have to write myself—unlike my own—which I have zero control over.
It’s like being a baker of the best cakes and being unable to eat a single bite of cake.

God, I love cake. I wish I had cake.
Why isn’t cake keto?

So here’s to the holidays coming and then please, going. 

2019 I hope (keep in mind, I had the same exact futile feeling at the end of 2017) is going to be a huge one. A great one. Maybe I’ll find love. Or someone willing to even try—who can convince me to do the same. Or be here in a year saying all these exact same things.

Who knows really?

I sure don’t. 

Monday, November 19, 2018

The Last Pill

Note: This is the third f*ing time I've tried to post this. And here I go again.  Staying true to my tasks and commitments are HARD. Like posting a new blog post here every Sunday - but I shall prevail! My wordy goldfish will not die and float belly up in a fish bowl of fail! NO SIREE!

Okay... back on topic... Sorry, I rambled a little. It's almost 2am, that's just bound to happen.
Carry on. 

Happy Sunday!
I am on an extremely tight, self-imposed, but needed, deadline for Murder. I had every intention of having it to my alpha reader tonight, but I also wanted to spend time with my grand kids. They are moving away next month to the Odessa area and that's almost 8 hours away. So I kept them for a few days and it was great. But that also means I didn't get the hours in to work on Marcus' book--in fact, I'm working on it as we speak. I hope to have it out of my hands this week right before Thanksgiving. And as I carried on with my normal Sunday activity to prep for the upcoming week, I discovered an even bigger reason to get it done while I can, beyond my tight, high-pressure deadline. 

See this?
This is one lonely pill in it's soon to be empty orange bottle. 

That little pill is what has worked to keep my bi-polar depression in check. After so many doctors, years of therapists, I finally had the pill that allowed me to function, be sane, not bite people's heads off one day and hug and want to kiss them a minute later.  Or be so angry and grumpy that even the UPS truck would just slow down, throw a box and speed up (hasn't really happened, but it does make for a funny visual).  

As I said in LAST WEEK (yes, let's revel in the fact I've done two blog posts in that many weeks, that's a big deal people! I am very, very, busy. And I procrastinate some days. Shrugs, I can get distracted by a sandwich, total transparency here - full stop, or something ridiculous). But anyway, if you were paying attention - I lost my corporate job. And that means... ding, ding. No more insurance.

I'm sure you are going to ask, which is logical, why don't I just pay for it myself? Well, that would be great to do if it didn't cost me almost $1300 for a one-month supply. Or, if I could have afforded my Cobra option at almost $700 a month. OR, pay for insurance on my own and pay almost $500 a month. I'm sorry, but if you want to get into a debate or discussion or, let's be honest, with me it's going to be a heated argument - about why one of the most advanced, prosperous and most admired countries in the WORLD doesn't provide health insurance for it's citizens - then it might not be wise. IT'S ESPECIALLY unwise to do so in a week. But it will be more entertaining then, that's for sure. 

The truth is this - when it comes down to eating, paying for electricity and the crucial things like toilet tissue versus filling up an orange bottle with pills, chances are... the meds are going to lose. And I'm not the only American citizen in this position. There are U.S. citizens all over our grand country that have to choose between being sick or getting care. Going to a doctor with a huge expensive deductible or going to the ER where they don't make you pay upfront and having a huge, expense bill come later. Or, like me, not filling an RX because it's just too damn expensive.

Now, I have looked into holistic, natural supplements and they have been ordered and on their way. But I also know that in a week or so, I will go through anti-depressant withdrawal as my body sheds itself of a chemical it's used to getting. One it relied on. One I needed. And once I've gone through that, I will attempt to keep myself from acting too nuts to all you lurkers, friends, family and readers as much as possible. But I can promise you, it won't be pretty. Might be strangely amusing and entertaining but chances are, it won't be at all attractive. Like a dumpster fire made up by ugly crying, bitter tears.

This GIF however....IS ADORABLE!

See, I know how it's going to go. I'm going to feel ill.  Headaches, stomach aches, body aches and just out and out miserable as my brain acts like an addict missing out on a fix. I'm going to feel exhausted and emotional. I'll lash out. I'll cry and I most likely will curl up in the bed and not move from there for a few days. Then I'll get stinky, the dog will no longer want to steal most of the bed from me and then, maybe, just maybe, there's a chance I'll get up and shower. If not, would one of you kind people come hose me off? Please?  And uh, bring food? Because chances are I haven't eaten either.

Then it'll start waning. I'll feel better, the herbal stuff will start taking the edge off and hopefully I didn't destroy my brand. My readership. Get arrested or alienated the few friends I have left. I'll apologize or I won't. Chances are, I won't say a word and just deal. It's what I do. I just hope the damage isn't so bad there is duct tape needed. I suck with duct tape. I get weirded out if it's not straight.

Oh wait, where was I?
It's 2am notw...and no calling out my typos or grammar oopsies. I am sure Lori is asleep and couldn't check this. Don't be judge-y. It's rude. Gosh. 

So here's to a new week. YAY! It's going to be fantastic. Or it's going to be a shit-show and you all get to watch. But I have a book to finish while chemicals are keeping a leash on my special, creative brain. 

Oh, and go buy some books, why don't you.
We'll call it donations to the Drug Fund.
Or, helping out a certified crazy author who really should be on meds fund.

Nah, that last one was WAY too wordy. 

Pick up the books here:

Or go to my website:

Or follow my Facebook page - who KNOWS what may show up there in the coming days.
Be afraid, be very, very afraid.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

It's November? How the Heck Did That Happen?

I’ve had this blog for years and as I’ve said in previous posts, it’s a good thing it’s not a goldfish because it would have been floating belly up for quite a while. I have no idea where this year has gone but here it is November and I haven’t published a single book in 2018. I had such lofty yet reasonable goals; four books a year—one book each quarter.  Yet, here we are, it’s November and I haven’t published a single one. To be perfectly honest, Murder (book four of the Shadow-Keepers series) was due in March but yeah, I hate to repeat myself but it’s November. That’s March 2018, by the way (imagine a deep sigh of defeat here).

Murder has a pre-order release date of January 2nd, 2019. In case you’re doing the math, that’s not even close to March 2018. You can help my guilt by clicking the pre-order. Not to mention seeing that pre-order number climb puts major pressure on me to finish the damn thing. After all (yes, it’s getting redundant now) it’s November.  Here’s the link to help make me lose sleep, curl up in the corner crying “I’m going to be a failure”… but it will be worth the wait and the read, I promise.
You can click the pre-order link here:

It’s not like 2018 was not a busy year. Oh no, it completely was. But not in the writing, authoring corner of my brain. As some of you may know, my “other” job was as a Senior Project Manager for a Fortune 200 company and it kept me busy—as in days, evenings and sometimes weekends. That’s what happens when a company decides to move so much overseas and slide all the domestic work to the few people, they still have in the U.S. I saw the writing on the corporate wall; after all, I had been employed by that same company prior, laid off for 1.5 years after working a decade with them and had moved on in that period. That is, until they called me back and offered that big mind changer—money. Really good money and the bonus of being able to work from home. That was my demand because my dad’s health was failing and I wanted to be here in Texas where he was. They accepted my demand and I belonged to them again in 2015.  And that continued until September of this year. Yep, I once again joined the ranks of the laid off. They did do right by me with a severance and such—but zero warning from them; I knew it was coming but I thought I would have had some more time—like they said I did. I logged in on a Monday and was told, nope, log back out. You’re done. Yeah. And I wasn’t the only one. They moved thousands overseas and us domestic PM’s were among those numbers.

Side note: I should tell you the funny part—the fact they called me to come back within weeks of letting me go and offered me a lot more money. My fear of failure at supporting myself with myself had me accepting, once again with demands, and it was all good to go. Until it wasn’t. I have no idea but I think the person that offered me the position—also got laid off. It’s that comical. But I digress…

Being a fairly intelligent person (most days) I made plans for when my job vaporized. I started my own consulting agency. A few friends who I respected knew that I have always helped other authors in indie publishing and said I could make money at that. I laughed and said, you think? But that planted a seed and realized I could combine my passion of writing and helping authors with the skills I had learned from thirteen years as a corporate project manager. And Ink-N-Flow Management Group was born. The original plan was to build up my fledging little agency while the corporate job ramped down because I would have an income while the agency grew its wings from a single feather—me. You know that saying about best-made-plans? Apply that here. The sudden loss of employment without the usual few weeks of transition hit hard. I had zero choice but to let the impact of that blow send me right into my new ambitions with the agency.  If you haven’t given it a look, please do. I’m very proud of it and we are expanding majorly in 2019.


But back to 2018. I started it and it flew… Fast.

I had no idea it would. My own self-doubt roped together with my depression told me over and over that it would fail. That the wings I hoped it would have would melt away like Icarus flying to the sun with his son—fragile hopes held together with fear, hope and creativity; like wax on feathers. That or Ink-N-Flow flies only on cloudy days and the sun isn’t seen. Or we’re like Batman… or something. But I am so grateful as we coast along. Since opening our doors, we have a staff of myself and three other amazing people who have such hopes for the agency and work so damn hard. You know how amazing it is to have people believe and have FAITH in you? Even on days when you have none of that for yourself? I have no words (which is fairly sad considering I’m a fairly decent storyteller) but I am so happy they are there day-by-day to boost the dream we hope Ink-N-Flow will become. Not IF… but will. You have any idea how great yet difficult it is to tell myself WILL… not IF? That’s huge people—you’ll just have to take my word for it.

In the few months we started we’ve taken on incredibly talented author clients, a publisher (thank you, Becky), helped several inspiring women start their own businesses with our help and encouragement. My bills are actually getting paid—sure, I’m not eating fancy and I downgraded many areas to lean down my budget but that’s okay. I love waking up and being my own boss. Just ask my close friends how very giddy-stupid I was when the bank set me up with a business account, my LLC was complete and I could officially and legally be called a CEO (Chief Executive Officer,  hush, you of course knew what that stood for but I love saying/typing it) of my own corporation. Never mind that I am also the switchboard, the accountant, the mail room and runner; it’s still amazing to this single mom who once upon a time was homeless and did phone sex while pregnant with my first child to get by (yeah, that’s all true).

So, here we are in November with the end of this year right around the corner, peeking over at me and going “tick-tock” each day. I have a book coming out, I have a schedule to get four and more done next year (thank you, Lori) and Ink-N-Flow is branching out to local businesses. Which means learning to tell my social anxiety and stress to shut the _____ up, I have too much to do and no time for such foolishness. The same issues that have me sleeping too much some days, curling up and unable to go outside the house or heaven help me if I run out of toilet tissue and no one delivers that kind of stuff, days. I can do this. Or so I’m going to keep telling myself and telling others to tell me until it’s true.

I must do this.
The writing – it has to happen because I make zero money if the words don’t get out there beyond my head and my flash drive.
Ink-N-Flow Management has to fly because I have empowering people that believe in me and it. I’m not the only feather trying not to soar too dang close to the sun.

I am a single, older woman with no husband or other to support me.
I have pets to feed (who think they are human children – I’m not kidding. One even insists on wearing clothes).
And I do not want to go back to doing phone sex—for the record, I was really good at it. Just sayin’. :D
Or homeless. I REALLY don’t want to go back to that. As carefree as it seems those days mentioned up there.

So, here’s to 2019 and showing 2018 that I noticed it was a bitch and sneaked past me.
Come on, I can do it. You can do it.
We can do it.
Now, who is going to supply the chocolate and wine?
Oh and bring some toilet tissue… 😉

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Announced Ink-N-Flow Management 

Your Dream Needs Wings.
Let Us Provide the Feathers.
Together, We'll Fly. 

Recently I realized that I could combine the two things that make up my life - my day job as a senior project manager for a Fortune 200 company and my love for helping authors.
This gave birth to Ink-N-Flow Management. Combining over a decade of project management, consulting and publishing, I hope to give all authors - big, small, indie, trad and hybrid the tools, connections and assurance to succeed by working with some of the best in the industry. I have the mission of taking the worry about what is next in a dream. You write, I'll worry about the steps ahead.

Ink-N-Flow Management
Your Dream Needs Wings.
Ink-N-Flow Can Provide the Feathers.
Together, We'll Fly.

Coming June 4, 2018. Stay tuned. 

Saturday, April 7, 2018

When Life Decides You Need to Freak-Out Right About Now


What a week and what a year. It's only April, right?  To be perfectly honest here, I thought I'd be writing this one or maybe two years from now. At the most, five. Not, right now in the same week as my birthday. Not that my birthday is that big of a deal being a full-grown adult and all, but you'd like to think that destiny, fate, karma or whichever energy aligns your personal universe would at least respect it. Hah, silly me. I forgot--just because I think life should be one way, life has a way of showing me just how wasted that energy was. 

After almost  thirteen-years of being with the same corporation, watching it change names and corporate lines three times--I am going to be losing my job. Not because I'm a bad employee, no. And not because the job is going away... but because they have decided that all the people they encouraged to work at home to save them overhead, now, after all these years, need to work in an office. Yeah. And if you don't live within 50-miles of one of their locations, then you are basically either going to be out of a job or you need to move so you are closer. Guess what folks, I'm way beyond fifty miles from one of their locations. And to be honest, I lived away from my family for more than a decade and I don't want to do that again.

Oh sure, the thought of moving to one of my company's location in California, Florida or even overseas has it's appeal but my gut instinct, and what I've been indirectly told, chances are I'd move and in six-months to a year, I wouldn't have a job as they move more and more overseas. 
So what to do? Do I take that chance and move away from family and friends (on my dime, by the way, they aren't paying relocation expenses) or do I take the severance package and bow out gracefully with a few letters of reference tucked away? After-all, I don't have a husband to support me when the job goes away.  It's just me, myself and I (the dogs refuse to find jobs). 

The answer isn't as easy as it seems. 
Especially when the first thoughts that crossed my mind are these:
Oh god, I'm going to have to give up writing books.
I won't be able to afford editing, covers, PR... nothing. 
I'm going to have to live under a bridge (okay, maybe that one was really far fetched, but you get the gist of my train-o-brain).

But then I sat back and considered all this. Funny how just walking away, going outside and getting some air clears some of the mental fog. 

Why would I walk away from writing? 

When what has been holding me back from cranking out a new book every few months is the fact I've been grinding eight-to-ten hours a day at a corporate job? One that paid well, true. But my books pay too. They have been paying more and more every month. Heck, I had to pay taxes on royalties last year for the first time... ever. Guess what I paid it with?
Yep. Book royalty money. 
Sure, it's  not a ton and doesn't come close to paying all my bills... but could it? 

Coming back inside, I did the math and tossed in a lot of dreams-come-true dust (that last thing doesn't exist beyond my head, but would't that be awesome to purchase) and did some honest figuring. Sure, at this point my books don't pay all my bills. Okay, so right now they don't even pay 3/4 of my bills. But do I really need as expansive satellite package for shows and channels I don't watch?  I could cut the cord and save a ton. 
And about that fancy coffee I like, that Kroger brand wasn't that bad either. And a lot cheaper. 
And okay, fine, I  have a weakness for seeing movies when they come out but hey, that kid at the ticket office keeps thinking I'm a senior citizen (damn her to hell) and gives me the senior discount, and if I only go once a month AND after-all Raisinets and popcorn are not on the Keto Plan (le sigh) so, no concessions, I could still go to the movie on occasion. 

What about book signings? Well, let's be honest, those have been slated less and less.  
The ones this year are already paid for and deposits for next year. 
If anyone knows how to budget and plan for a trip--it's me. I used to have to do it for a family of four. Me? Easy, cheesy, lemon-squeezy. I have started to focus on those that have workshops and panels to enhance my business...

Wait, what did I just call it? 

Okay, let's break that down, shall we?

Do you have a  Business License?
I do - JTW Publishing is a registered business in Texas and I pay taxes when required.

Okay, do you have a website?
Oh sure, it's pretty damn nifty -

Do you have attractive products that people want to buy?
I do. And they are quality, well made, well written & edited and people seem to love them. 

Do you have merchandise promoting those products and your business?
Yep. Book marks, pens, bumper stickers, laptop stickers, fobs thingy-bobs (I'm sure they have a more official name, but that's what I call them). 

Do you  have a support team for your business?
 I do.
I  have an amazing publicist.
I have an incredible personal assistant.
I have a team of talented people I work with. 
I have a group of people who believe and support me and my books. 
And I have incredible opportunities to expand my product in to new markets. 

Do you have a consumer/customer base?
Yeah... about 10K strong if you combine all my various platforms. 

Are you advancing your knowledge of your industry with training and education to ensure you know your market and can be respected?
I am. I'll have my Bachelor's degree in English Composition and Creative Writing in September of this year. 

Well, crap. 

Here I was thinking I was about to be out of a job, riding the panic river of anxiety on my severance for three-to-six months (depending on what I'm given) and then living under a bridge (see disclaimer above). But I forgot, I have been treading water to keep my head above water supporting both my corporate work AND my author work; and only one was getting more than it's share of dedication (face it, honesty hurts). 

I'm not out of work. I'm just going to have a less work load. Which means, the job I love, the one that feeds my soul instead of taking from it, can have more of me. More of my time, my energy, and all of my talent. I AM a small business owner with myself being the source of products and those who have come to love the books, those characters and I guess, me, are the team of my company. Sure, some of them volunteer but that means the world to me. 

What business owner wouldn't be thrilled that not only do my consumers love the literary goods I offer, but they go and have others come feast on the stories as well? 

What the hell am I being freaked out about? 

I get a chance that not many get -- to pursue my dream of making my business all I hope it can be. And others have faith will be. 

So, in case you scrolled to see what exactly the point of this blog post was (shame on you by the way, there's some pretty epic words and phrases up there, but whatever floats your reading habit boat)...

Brace yourself... 

I am officially announcing that 2018 is the year I am declaring myself as a 


Or as my idol Robin Williams says:

God, help us all. 
Or maybe all of you as I drive you nuts.
Or send Ramen.
I like the chicken kind (not the creamy version, yuck).
Whichever is needed.
Oh and go buy the books.
I would look awful living under a bridge.