Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Skee-Ball and Cake

Today I happened to come across the movie "42". No big deal, since baseball season has started and its the way of entertainment trends. But, as I remember the jist of the movie--its a statement about discrimination and the denial of basic human and civil rights. 

The movie came out two years ago and it ends on such a positive and hopeful note--that discrimination against persons of color has come so far, its something to be proud of.

Lets fast forward, but not entirely...

The year is 2015 and times seem to be rolling back, not forward 
in both a sinister and "faith-based" way. 

People of color seem, if the media has its way, the targets of angry police officers and zealot arms persons. Ferguson taught us and the latest has brought that home--some things, as much as we may glamorize them or gloss them over with the  passage of time, haven't truly changed. But there are good police officers out there--some of them are of color too. And there are many victims--of all colors. But the media just seems to have gone color-blind...or is it color-focused. It's actually hard to tell. It shouldn't be about the color of the victim or the skin of the officer. It should be the fact that a human life and its rights under the law were not respected. And that police officers feel like they are under fire as much as the victims. It's going back to the 60's in a way--law against us--and that is just not the way it should be. 

Then we have the "faith-based" spin cycle going on. Religion is a strong force in our country. It's always been that way. It's been fought over in wars and its the reason our founding fathers left England in order to establish a land of the free, and the brave. Where one could practice their belief without persecution or penalty. Okay, that seems really good on paper. And it was once a grand scheme that the US should be proud of. 


Discrimination is not a color.  Nor is it a race, a gender or a religion. Discrimination, in laymen's terms is to believe that someone who is different than you, is less than you. And therefore, not worthy of the things of worth you hold dear.

Sure, I know that Webster's probably has a fancy definition and some right wingers and left wingers (may I point out that NOTHING can fly with just one wing, on one side...) can probably slaughter me in some high brow, fancy-worded debate. But  fortunately, this is my blog so they're screwed out of luck. 

I really don't think our founding fathers based our country on the right to use religion or faith as a reason to discriminate. I understand that someone who has a belief has the same right to stand up for what they believe in...but here's the thing...

I don't remember the bible listing the acceptable colors allowed in the human race. I don't recall any section of the greatest selling book of all time having a color chart of who is better than who. Toss in there that Jesus himself sat with sinners, whores, the infirm and dying rather than the kings, the money holders and the holy. Now I do know that the bible has one single reference to homosexuality and condemns it. But it also condemns coveting your neighbors ass...last time I checked there were tons of human asses in my neighborhood, but none of the beast of burden type. 

All that aside--the new testament is all about forgiving us of our sins. God's only beloved son died on the cross so that all of us could live and be forgiven for our sins. Now, correct me if I'm wrong...but I'm betting all those that are reading this were not around in biblical times to sin, so pretty sure that means our sins, all mankind. Probably covers baking a cake or sharing a pizza with someone who is gay too if you're worried about pissing off a higher power. Pretty sure you'll be okay...

Oh and there's another quote from the bible - Judge not, lest you be judged. That one is pretty simple to understand if you didn't get the small burro one.

Basically, what I am trying to set home with all those words up there is this.

I'm human. You're human. We're all human. 

Black, white, red, yellow, woman, man, child, straight, homosexual, heterosexual,  bi-sexual, married, single, widowed, divorced, Baptist, Muslim, Jewish and on and on....the one thing that can never be disputed is our humanity. And as humans, we are sliding backwards in all the forward gains we have fought for faster than a skee ball on a greased board, And our score is dropping fast. 

I can think of a lot of things that are sinful. True, soul staining, losing points with your legacy and honor sins. Murder, abuse of a child or animal, stealing from the poor or sick, being cruel to those with less...

We are really quick to point those out--just look at our social medias. 

But to me, the one sin that will be our complete and total downfall as humans is...


It's really not black and white. Because now? It has the colors of the rainbow in it too. 

Take care,