Friday, July 12, 2013

Feeding the Writing Need

So, I have a slew of works to get done. But that's how I like it. I move from one to the other to the next. It keeps them fresh, keeps me hopping and its the way I like to work. I am working on Reno's book and its evolved far beyond a simple tribute to a lovable character. The Breakers, Bounce and the whole new world of the Keepers is pretty cool. Reno is just as lovable as always, and Emma is so much richer than she was before.

Add to that weaving the RP and the new into it? Love it. It's going to be huge as we are putting the novella at the beginning and its over 100+ pages as it is.

I will admit, some days I have to drag myself to the PC to get something, anything done. But all and all? My brain juice to get it done is still rich and flowing strong.

The slated winter deadline is approaching, and I am already getting "Hows it going on the book..." from those with a vested interest in its publication. Can't blame them. We learned a lot of lessons on Bits & Pieces and those lessons will be used.

I was asked about pre-sales and its a bit early for that. Its not going to come out until between Thanksgiving and Christmas and that is months away.

Or so I keep telling myself.

Well, time to get creative nose back in the words are my friend grindstone.

Take care, be good to yourself, and if you cant? Be good to someone else so they can.


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