Sunday, August 4, 2013

To Write. But What to Write? How fans can change your flow.

So I have decided to take the next two weeks to dedicate solely to writing. No role-play writing, no social media, no anything other than breathing, eating, drinking for writing. I've given myself two challenges to meet (because if you know me, you know I get bored with easy. I thrive in stress and pressure). Those two things are:

1. A writing book camp that was sent to me by a friend at Writer's Digest magazine. A way to flex my muscles not often used in my creative exercises. I think all author's worth saying they can write more than what they know (yeah yeah, I know the saying) should try it.

2. I am writing a novel from beginning to end, in two weeks. I had THOUGHT I knew the one I was going to write. Have it all outlined, pinned to my works in progress wall and everything. See, the best laid plans and all....doesn't always work out. One of my biggest fans recently asked me why I don't like writing romance. Why? When I seem so good at it. It was hard question to answer. There's many reasons why. Some are related to the fact that I am so far jaded and cracked when it comes to believing in love, I find it hard to believe it can exist beyond the pages in the way that seems to exist in books. I am trying but its a battle against myself and the past.

Another part of that is...well..writing romance, turmoil, true love fairy tale tales for my characters comes incredibly easy. As in no challenge (see above about liking to be challenged). If its easy? It can't be that big of a deal right? Yeah. It's an odd way of thinking. It would be a total romance book. No supernatural. No paranormal. No fighting of the hero type. Just two normal people, in a normal world trying to find love despite it all.

So...the more I have mulled to put that in the back of my brain, the more its twisting its way right back to me to the front.

Do I write the book I planned? With a lot of my background and history in it in a way. With characters that can speak my past without me having to do it and being ripped bare in showing it? that little nagging voice of romance going to get in the way and when my two weeks are over I have a romance novel sitting there going "See....told you they said you could do it" and I go...damn.

We'll just have to see what voice wins out when I hit the blank pages tomorrow.

Tune in here for updates.

Who knows. Maybe romance can be louder than that outline on my wall.

I'm curious to see myself.

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