Thursday, August 8, 2013

Writing Challenge - Meet Kat (Day Three)

Katherine Speaks

So, I am well into the novel challenged by some to write (Yeah Wendy- I'm talking about you woman) and its well on its way. The characters have found their voice in my head and that is at times the hardest part. Now to just keep them speaking to me and telling me the tale they have to tell. With that? I introduce you to Katherine McCall. Goes by Kat, though family calls her Katy (Which she doesn't like). 

Kat is 31-years old. Four years ago she left her small town upbringing clutching her degree in Art and a few belongings to move to New York. What did she leave behind? A husband who thought the sun rose with her and the moon came up only to shine on her skin so he could watch her sleep. But Kat had dreams and ambitions and when told to choose?

She chose to go. 

Fast-forward four years later and a tragedy back home forces her to face what she left behind. The pain and heartache, the rejection of love and home. But now she was the top in her field with a six-figure income and the respect of everyone she worked with. The finest of everything with the small town plain-brown paper country girl she used to be? No more. 

She left herself behind to make herself anew. 

She left behind her best friend, the only man she had ever loved or made love to... Matt. 

Because something very horrible has happened.

And now. She's going home. 

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