Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Best Laid Plans (Day One- Writing Challenge)

Day One: My Own Personal Writing Challenge

Well, that didn't go too well. I went to work as planned and go through the day on like- thinks- 3 hours of sleep. Woke up excited to get this challenge going. WHICH ran out at about 2pm and I was dragging. That's okay- there's always the night. I work better at night. Something about the darkness and coolness of the eve soothes me. Stirs my creativity.

Until, life had other plans.

Que sitting in a hospital waiting room to help a loved one who was having a health issue.

For those who don't know me? I hate hospitals. I hate being contained and told to sit wait here with strangers. I am not a nice person in such situations. But in all fairness, there was even richness and amusement in the 7 hours I sat there (9pm to 4am).

There was this crazy (and yes, I use this term loosely. I have no idea if she was actually crazy as in seeing a therapist, taking meds, etc- this is just my word for well, whatever that was) woman who got upset when I wouldn't let her use my phone. Don't get me wrong. I simply kept telling her no. Repeatedly. Over and over (Give me a break, I could have decked her, no was being nice). Finally she asked why I was there. Told her in two words.

Lesson - do not engage crazy people. Don't answer them. Don't meet their eyes and definitely don't give them an in to conversation. Oooops. I should know this better than anyone. I am after all, clinically crazy.

So, what happened when I gave her this short, curt kernel of info? She proceeded to implore me to pray with her (now, before you start thinking I'm harsh- take it from a former homeless person. You get the mark to close their eyes, get caught in the moment and take all you can. That messenger bag with laptop, e-reader and phone? Total perfect grab. All contained to carry). Knowing what I know, I smiled and said I don't pray. Thanks. Yeah. Remember my advice up there? Remember my lack of sleep? It's all coming into play and biting me in my literary ass.

Lesson - If the subject of prayer comes up with a crazy person. Say nothing. This is when you really need to heed lesson above, and ignore.

To say she got upset is being a bit flippant. No. She got well, crazier. She then proceeded to call me a demon. Now, I've been called a lot of things. Probably been called that too. But never in such a public display. She then spat on the floor and made the sign of the cross at me with her fingers. This was followed with several "fuck you" and  "Jesus will find me".....what did this do?

Caused me great moments of amusement. I broke out into laughter, which just caused her tirade to increase in fervor and zest.  Followed by more laughter from my corner of the waiting room.

Eventually my own personal demon detector friend was escorted out of the hospital by the police. Apparently this individual was often trying to spend the night in the hospital waiting room and was a drug-addict. She resisted arrest and it was not pretty when they had to chase her down through the crowded waiting room.

But, finally (and yes loved one is fine and doing well- they got to sleep in today) got to come home after 4am this morning. Only to turn around and go back to work today.

BUT, through-out day one, I actually did achieve to write 4 chapters. I had planned on 10.

And you guessed- Its a romance novel. With (did you really expect different from me?) a twist. But every day normal people, with no super powers. But I do like the characters. There's even a dog. But it is different to do a straight romance novel.

Hmm.....wonder if I can write in a crazy lady?

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