Sunday, February 23, 2014

I Really Don't Have Time For This

Wow, what a weekend. My energy level is pissing me off. Sorry..but when you're used to going 110% 20 hours a day--being tired and weak sucks. It's not sitting well with me..but it is what it is. It's "grrrr" when grocery shopping makes me want to faceplant in the produce section.

Book News: I am still working on Love's Bitter Harvest and HOPE to hit our April deadline for publication. Cross your fingers toes and other crossable parts that I hit that.

Some of you have asked about pre-sales, but I have asked DBP to hold off on that pending my being more sure of my completion date. Needless to say I just DO NOT have time for all these health issues. :)

Yes yes, I know. Take care of me. But writing is a HUGE outlet and really helps me deal with this and all other aspects of working full time, helping out family and writing as much as possible. I THINK there's time in there for me somewhere.

Until then..I will do better at updating my blog (I tell myself that ALL the time) and you guys should kick me when I don't.

As always, thanks for all your good wishes, hugs and prayers in my inbox. It is greatly appreciate and means a ton.

BUT...this is just another thing. Notch it up to being life.

Take care. 

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