Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Big C Word

There are billions of words in the English language and as a writer, I know dozens that can strike fear, chills and panic to a reader.

But I think the scariest word that all persons avoid saying--including doctors--is cancer.

As some of you know, the past week has been a blur of lab tests, scans, ultrasounds and other fun on me. Three masses were found in my breast, thyroid/throat and lung. The mass in my lung has been there for years and has been monitored since.

Well...today I had the meeting to learn the results of all the tests.

The good news is my breast is not of concern. However, my thyroid and lung are not good news. Due to lab work, levels and scans...

That scariest word was said--Cancer. It cannot be ruled out and all early indicators (masses have grown and I am severely anemic as well as other clues) now move me into the next steps.

I have been referred to the necesscary specialists to set up biopsies to determine "without-a-doubt" diagnosis. Then treatment plans will be discussed.

What will I do once and if cancer is confirmed?

To be honest?

Im not sure. It would depend on type and stage . On quality vs quantity. Prolong or recovery.

Yes...Im still being positive. But Im a realist and I feel empowered when I have a say so and a plan. I made this very clear to my doctors as well. I will...question..everything. And then decide.

Its how I fight. And its what I do.

Take care.

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