Sunday, October 28, 2012

A New GoldFish

Okay, so about this Blog thing. I admit, I have been more then stubborn in creating one. Perhaps its the pressure of adding another creative goldfish to my already too crowded, neglected tank. I'll forget to feed them, I'll forget to clean the tank, and most likely, as long as the green scum that will surely overcome the aforementioned tank takes it over, I won't have to look at the bodies that bob on the surface from neglect. I was happy on Facebook with the likes and such to show- hey, someone read something I wrote. Didn't have to be many, one made me smile. Two made that smile bigger. So that, goldfish got fed by others. The green gunk? Well, I can say that's ambiance. So, here's my newest creative outlet. And many authors are doing this now. So yes, I, Jas T. Ward following the trail of ne'er do-wells, and created a blog. I do admit, there is a sense of uninhibited tease about a blog. You don't know if anyone has read (sometimes I crave that, just to get something in my head, out so it will shut the fuck up) and you can just write about random, well, stuff. (I won't say BS, because I'm not so naive to call anything I write from the heart- BS. Not that great, maybe. But still staggering stuff above fly-drawing piles). So, there, I have a bloggy thing. And well, I did stop before going off the creative cliff with some of the other don't see ME with a twitter thing-a-bob do you? No. No, you, don't.

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