Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I admit I rarely look at social media such as Facebook, Twitter’s news feed and or updates. It just takes up far too much of my time and to consider it a “news” source, is completely unrealistic—I end up spending more time plugging the “facts” that some people post into Snopes to find out if they’re even true. Nine out of ten times, nope, hoax.

So I turn to CNN for my news. You know—a news venue with sources, and reports and handy-dandy stuff like that. I check it on my TV when I wake up, before I go to bed and sometimes a few times during the day. Just to be aware.

Have you checked it out today? I mean, pull yourself away from Facebook or Instagram or whatever life and time devouring electronic folly you’re divested in and check it. 

Our world is a _____ mess. I’m serious. We have the horrible unrest in Ferguson. The public beheading of a journalist by ISIS (and learning that DOZENS of journalist have gone missing for YEARS….YEARS), a Texas governor treating an indictment like a press event, Ebola being found in our country and Jewish people being treated horribly here over things that happen far, far away in Israel. As I scroll through the headlines, I am DESPERATE to find something positive and uplifting and I clicked on the Mars Rover (Curiosity—cute name) pictures, surely there, would some calming perspective, some salvation for mindless mental wandering. I found myself noting how nice the weather looks there. 


The landscapes on Mars are like our deserts here, sure, but look at that nice day! And no trash, or abandoned buildings, no riots or police in gear to prevent it. It has no Gaza strip or cures for diseases that are suddenly found when American’s are at risk (yeah, that bothers me too). The sky is clear and the sand looks kinda comfy. Oh sure, I was raised like many of you to think that Mars was full of storms and acid and we would die within seconds, but Curiosity sure makes it look like a nice getaway.  

This had me wondering—how bad is our world becoming when I sit and dream of going to Mars. The one considered the most hostile planet in our universe? In the 50's, 60’s and 70’s the films, comic and books were filled with Martians attacking Earth to destroy mankind and take away our good life. We became fans of movies like Independence Day in the 90’s showing how mankind can conquer bigger, stronger and more intelligent armies from Mars. Heck, we can even give a great Presidential speech about it to rally the troop. Even in the past few years, we had movies about aliens attacking and us winning (loved Battle for Los Angeles). We simply always rely on aliens from far away being the bad guys.

Now, the invasion, the battles, the fights and, sad to say, the bad guys are ourselves. And even our own government would somehow fight over who would give the rally speech, back and forth until no speech ever happened because they couldn’t agree. Which even if they did agree, some protesters would find a way to find fault, or analyze or make some mean-spirited meme to destroy any good intention of said speech and those who did find something enriching in it would be beaten with tea cups. It’s ridiculous and so discouraging. 

So, as I look at how nice and peaceful Mars is, jealous of the rover for such an escape, I have to ask myself if aliens from anywhere in the universe would want to come to earth. I know I sure wouldn’t.  They most likely, as I do, tune into CNN with some really good alien HD and go, oh no, no way are we going there. Look at that! They fight among themselves. They take each others heads. They riot and scream at injustice while some are looting and taking advantage. And the very armies they use to protect, they attack.  Sure, they’re distracted so they’d be an easy take down, but look at the planet itself? 

They can’t even protect what’s protecting them.

So the aliens move on for more viable resources and take-overs. After all...Earth looks like a very hostile planet.

Why destroy us when we’re already doing such a good job ourselves? 

Yep, Mars is looking pretty good right now

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