Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Review of Walker's Run by Mel Favreaux

 My Grey Matter's Take on Walker's Run:

I'll be honest-- I am not the best person to make commentary on the world of paranormal as there is so much out there for werewolves and the like. It's hard to tell the good-- from the bad-- from the humdrum. 

Howl in Walker's Run by Mel Favreaux-- the author's latest work in the Sanctuary Series. Eureka, I was intrigued. Her main female lead is a refreshingly strong and independent woman. And I found myself really finding bits and pieces of myself in the character for she was so real and well created.  The male lead was not over the top Oh-Please alpha but you had no problem realizing he truly was as these two met up. You can feel the chemistry with no doubts between the two.

The drama is very realistic and the flow of the story keeps you going along at a pace you forget you're reading, instead you're running right along with Walker's Run. I am new to Favreaux's writings. But I now consider myself a fan. And thank you for giving us something new and fresh in the genre. I look forward to reading more.  

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