Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mankind, Where Have You Gone

I've always been very fascinated by the end of the world. Perhaps not so much the end of the world, but the end of mankind. I've written several stories about it that I hope to put in B&P: Volume 2- Dark Edition.

I've never envisioned it as a massive invasion by aliens. Nor the sweeping of some plague or zombie overtaking.

No, I truly believe that man is man's greatest enemy. That eventually the natural selection known as the "strongest survive" will critically and almost ironically twist to teach us a race ending lesson. You can see the signs now. The wars, the politics, where one religion tries to eradicate another from the planet that is more than large enough to contain us all.

No, the end of mankind will be something we didn't see coming. Something that has no antidote, has now manual and has no warning. For the end of mankind quite simply will be a beautiful symphony of karma and pay back by forces that have given us free reign to do as we will, consequences be damned.

The end of mankind will a subtle, long-term cascade of events, losses and catastrophic failures.

Then one day, mankind will  no longer be here.

The earth will go on.

It'll just be us that stops.

Mankind is the top of the food chain. And we have a very long fall to drop.

Mankind will attempt to claw its way back....but in the end?

We're just gone.



"Run," she whispered. "They're coming."

"I don't want to leave you. Please don't make me go." Her eyes met those of the same, yet older and so much more tired. They had lost so much. They were all they had left and now, that was ending too. She was just a child and had barely begun to live--death didn't care. And neither did the monster that was racing towards them. 

"You have to. We can't both die. Someone has to tell the story. Someone has to know." Her face was cupped and a kiss placed upon her head. 

"But there's no one left to tell. We're the very last." Tears coursed down her cheeks, even as the grass around them bent, broke and turned grey. She knew if was coming and they were running out of time. The earth seemed to groan under the burden of an entire race turning to dust upon its soil. 

"The souls. They need to know we were here. They need to know we mattered. Speak to the souls. I'll be there....."

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