Friday, August 23, 2013

Where are John's Pants or Life Story? Guess What I Chose.

So, my personal writing challenge didn't quite go the way I planned. Some family health issues derailed it early on. But it hobbled it's way along the tracks and recovered.

Romance writing. I cringed at being called a romance novelist. I can't even explain why but prior to writing Kat and Matt's real life based tragedy, heartache and yes, romance, I do have a new respect for the GOOD romance writing (Admit it, some of it is just cheesy, fluff, so far from reality...well, I could go on and on here) that uses real people, real life situations of the every day. No bad guys. No superheroes, no men that are chiseled, broad yet so sad on the inside being chased or chasing females that flutter when they see their chest, or swoon when they speak or just have no real backbone. THOSE romance writings are the ones I would be falling on a sword rather than to be said I write.

You all know what I'm talking about...they have covers like the one below (By the way-- if ANY publisher puts a cover like this or closely related to this, or has a naked anything on it, I will stab said publisher with my pen. Consider that a warning. And yes, I know, I still use a pen to write, deal with it. I'm old school. I did NOT say I WAS old....). You know what I'm talking about. The book you can't even be seen reading at work or in public because then people know you're a sucker for cheesy one. Yeah...why do all the men have no clothes? And whose breasts look like that?

Get some damn pants John. Sheesh. Shirt would be nice. It is the wilderness I believe. There's bugs there. And other creepy things. And by the way? Your hard, throbbing member is doing NO good in the middle of her shoulders-- might just be me, but that's not really considered an entry point. Shrugs. But I don't really know romance criteria. Or anatomy apparently. But I do wear pants. Score one for the writer.

Anyway...(Eyes back here reader-- stop wondering about John's pants)....

So I couldn't. I did romance the Jas T. Ward way. Figures right?

I've written a book that is seen every day with people you see every day. With problems, and bills, heartache and pain along with so much bitterness and resentment that the reader really wonders if they don't have the right idea in staying as far away from each other as possible.

That would be great if these two didn't love each other in the midst of hating each other that they just can't walk away. Not again.

She doesn't flutter nor give and chances are she's like the kind of woman most romance readers wouldn't want as a friend. Matt is just not a nice person and you wonder if ANY woman would want to have to put up with him, much less someone like Kat. But they have such heart. If they can get past all pain.

This story was inspired actually by real life couples that have had to face some of the hardest of spots in a marriage. Physical and health problems that destroy most all couples leaving very few standing together in the end. With Kat and Matt? They were so far apart before this incident happened that only it could bring them together to work out what was left of their love, if there was anything left of their love....or just realized it too had died with all the rest.

I do love Katy and Matt. Their voices were like a soft beckoning in the crowd of paranormal, supernatural demands in my head. They are so achingly real that even I have shed some tears writing as they told me their story.

It's been life changing to write it. It made me look at some very real aspects of my own life and decide--- you need to face the pain. You need to face the harshness. And you need to show you are not ashamed. You are not less a person but you are not who you want to be.

But I can be.

So I owe Matt and Kat so much. And I couldn't just toss the book away after not completing it in my two weeks self-imposed challenge to finish a romance cover to cover in that time (Which dear reader, is not my nature. I am a challenge driven person. Twiz is relentless in that regard) . Because to be honest? It's not a romance novel truly. Its a life book.

So in appreciation of what Kat and Matt have done for me in allowing me to write their story, their story will be published as it is. Painful and raw and full of so much love and loss that maybe it can change each of it's readers too.

There is hero in all of us. There is an amazing ability to heal and move on.

So, maybe they are heroes in their own way.

Just like each one of us should strive to be.

Just well, with more clothes and more common sense. (Wink)

Take care.


Matt and Kat's book - Love's Bitter Harvest is slated for publication on Valentine's Day 2014 from Dead Bound Publishing.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Writing Challenge - Meet Kat (Day Three)

Katherine Speaks

So, I am well into the novel challenged by some to write (Yeah Wendy- I'm talking about you woman) and its well on its way. The characters have found their voice in my head and that is at times the hardest part. Now to just keep them speaking to me and telling me the tale they have to tell. With that? I introduce you to Katherine McCall. Goes by Kat, though family calls her Katy (Which she doesn't like). 

Kat is 31-years old. Four years ago she left her small town upbringing clutching her degree in Art and a few belongings to move to New York. What did she leave behind? A husband who thought the sun rose with her and the moon came up only to shine on her skin so he could watch her sleep. But Kat had dreams and ambitions and when told to choose?

She chose to go. 

Fast-forward four years later and a tragedy back home forces her to face what she left behind. The pain and heartache, the rejection of love and home. But now she was the top in her field with a six-figure income and the respect of everyone she worked with. The finest of everything with the small town plain-brown paper country girl she used to be? No more. 

She left herself behind to make herself anew. 

She left behind her best friend, the only man she had ever loved or made love to... Matt. 

Because something very horrible has happened.

And now. She's going home. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Just One More Page.... (Day Two)

So, day two of my personal writing challenge.

I dove into this romance novel I almost felt challenged and dared to do. It's going well. I got 4 chapters done today (remember dear friends and fans- I had told myself 10 a day---- can you say very long sleepless weekend to catch up? Ignore what my GF says, I will get back on target).

I was about to go to bed and the main character Matt decided to make himself known. Katherine, the female lead was pretty easy. But Matt was a bit elusive. Until the moment I told KB that we were heading to bed. And then BAM, Matthew McCall decided to make himself known. He's a total jerk, a brutish asshole that seems very, very familiar. Hmm... no idea why? (Yeah, I smirked when I typed that) But anyway, he started babbling and bitching in my head so I started writing the next chapter where he shows his real nature. I'm not sure if the ladies will truly appreciate the complexity of Matt until later in the book. I really don't know if Kat can even like him at this point. He sure as hell doesn't like himself, at all. 

But...I like him. But us assholes have to stick together.

So..back on track, but still running behind. But at least I'm on the track and not sitting on the side saying I need to get my ass on that track.

We'll see...maybe I'll even reveal some character back-stories of Matt and Kat later in the week. 

Yeah...add that to my to-do-list. 

Until tomorrow....back to Matt and Kat. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Best Laid Plans (Day One- Writing Challenge)

Day One: My Own Personal Writing Challenge

Well, that didn't go too well. I went to work as planned and go through the day on like- thinks- 3 hours of sleep. Woke up excited to get this challenge going. WHICH ran out at about 2pm and I was dragging. That's okay- there's always the night. I work better at night. Something about the darkness and coolness of the eve soothes me. Stirs my creativity.

Until, life had other plans.

Que sitting in a hospital waiting room to help a loved one who was having a health issue.

For those who don't know me? I hate hospitals. I hate being contained and told to sit wait here with strangers. I am not a nice person in such situations. But in all fairness, there was even richness and amusement in the 7 hours I sat there (9pm to 4am).

There was this crazy (and yes, I use this term loosely. I have no idea if she was actually crazy as in seeing a therapist, taking meds, etc- this is just my word for well, whatever that was) woman who got upset when I wouldn't let her use my phone. Don't get me wrong. I simply kept telling her no. Repeatedly. Over and over (Give me a break, I could have decked her, no was being nice). Finally she asked why I was there. Told her in two words.

Lesson - do not engage crazy people. Don't answer them. Don't meet their eyes and definitely don't give them an in to conversation. Oooops. I should know this better than anyone. I am after all, clinically crazy.

So, what happened when I gave her this short, curt kernel of info? She proceeded to implore me to pray with her (now, before you start thinking I'm harsh- take it from a former homeless person. You get the mark to close their eyes, get caught in the moment and take all you can. That messenger bag with laptop, e-reader and phone? Total perfect grab. All contained to carry). Knowing what I know, I smiled and said I don't pray. Thanks. Yeah. Remember my advice up there? Remember my lack of sleep? It's all coming into play and biting me in my literary ass.

Lesson - If the subject of prayer comes up with a crazy person. Say nothing. This is when you really need to heed lesson above, and ignore.

To say she got upset is being a bit flippant. No. She got well, crazier. She then proceeded to call me a demon. Now, I've been called a lot of things. Probably been called that too. But never in such a public display. She then spat on the floor and made the sign of the cross at me with her fingers. This was followed with several "fuck you" and  "Jesus will find me".....what did this do?

Caused me great moments of amusement. I broke out into laughter, which just caused her tirade to increase in fervor and zest.  Followed by more laughter from my corner of the waiting room.

Eventually my own personal demon detector friend was escorted out of the hospital by the police. Apparently this individual was often trying to spend the night in the hospital waiting room and was a drug-addict. She resisted arrest and it was not pretty when they had to chase her down through the crowded waiting room.

But, finally (and yes loved one is fine and doing well- they got to sleep in today) got to come home after 4am this morning. Only to turn around and go back to work today.

BUT, through-out day one, I actually did achieve to write 4 chapters. I had planned on 10.

And you guessed- Its a romance novel. With (did you really expect different from me?) a twist. But every day normal people, with no super powers. But I do like the characters. There's even a dog. But it is different to do a straight romance novel.

Hmm.....wonder if I can write in a crazy lady?

Sunday, August 4, 2013

To Write. But What to Write? How fans can change your flow.

So I have decided to take the next two weeks to dedicate solely to writing. No role-play writing, no social media, no anything other than breathing, eating, drinking for writing. I've given myself two challenges to meet (because if you know me, you know I get bored with easy. I thrive in stress and pressure). Those two things are:

1. A writing book camp that was sent to me by a friend at Writer's Digest magazine. A way to flex my muscles not often used in my creative exercises. I think all author's worth saying they can write more than what they know (yeah yeah, I know the saying) should try it.

2. I am writing a novel from beginning to end, in two weeks. I had THOUGHT I knew the one I was going to write. Have it all outlined, pinned to my works in progress wall and everything. See, the best laid plans and all....doesn't always work out. One of my biggest fans recently asked me why I don't like writing romance. Why? When I seem so good at it. It was hard question to answer. There's many reasons why. Some are related to the fact that I am so far jaded and cracked when it comes to believing in love, I find it hard to believe it can exist beyond the pages in the way that seems to exist in books. I am trying but its a battle against myself and the past.

Another part of that is...well..writing romance, turmoil, true love fairy tale tales for my characters comes incredibly easy. As in no challenge (see above about liking to be challenged). If its easy? It can't be that big of a deal right? Yeah. It's an odd way of thinking. It would be a total romance book. No supernatural. No paranormal. No fighting of the hero type. Just two normal people, in a normal world trying to find love despite it all.

So...the more I have mulled to put that in the back of my brain, the more its twisting its way right back to me to the front.

Do I write the book I planned? With a lot of my background and history in it in a way. With characters that can speak my past without me having to do it and being ripped bare in showing it? that little nagging voice of romance going to get in the way and when my two weeks are over I have a romance novel sitting there going "See....told you they said you could do it" and I go...damn.

We'll just have to see what voice wins out when I hit the blank pages tomorrow.

Tune in here for updates.

Who knows. Maybe romance can be louder than that outline on my wall.

I'm curious to see myself.