Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Just One More Page.... (Day Two)

So, day two of my personal writing challenge.

I dove into this romance novel I almost felt challenged and dared to do. It's going well. I got 4 chapters done today (remember dear friends and fans- I had told myself 10 a day---- can you say very long sleepless weekend to catch up? Ignore what my GF says, I will get back on target).

I was about to go to bed and the main character Matt decided to make himself known. Katherine, the female lead was pretty easy. But Matt was a bit elusive. Until the moment I told KB that we were heading to bed. And then BAM, Matthew McCall decided to make himself known. He's a total jerk, a brutish asshole that seems very, very familiar. Hmm... no idea why? (Yeah, I smirked when I typed that) But anyway, he started babbling and bitching in my head so I started writing the next chapter where he shows his real nature. I'm not sure if the ladies will truly appreciate the complexity of Matt until later in the book. I really don't know if Kat can even like him at this point. He sure as hell doesn't like himself, at all. 

But...I like him. But us assholes have to stick together.

So..back on track, but still running behind. But at least I'm on the track and not sitting on the side saying I need to get my ass on that track.

We'll see...maybe I'll even reveal some character back-stories of Matt and Kat later in the week. 

Yeah...add that to my to-do-list. 

Until tomorrow....back to Matt and Kat. 

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